Graphic Grannie Returns!


Oh my Goodness! In how many different directions can I travel at one time!?!

I am busier than ever as a Retired Person…retired from my health care job (just in time) but Never from All Art, All the Time!

I’m working on a sketchbook, The Story of my Life, for the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project

I’ve never given up on the dream of cartooning/graphic novel/maybe even animation…Stay Tuned! There is always A WAY…don’t give up on YOUR Dream! New book that I won from the Jealous Curator: A Glorious Freedom: Older women leading Extraordinary Lives by LIsa Congdon.

Stay tuned…I’ll publish a compendium of the Graphic Grannies to date. I’m publishing a weekly blog at: and have retired the older blogs.

I just attended a webinar from Graphic Artists’ Guild on cartooning, lugged 3 heavy books of graphic novels up the hill from the library in my backpack, and want to turn the treasury of family photos I’ve inherited into stories. Check out my kindle and print on demand books on Amazon as well…I’ll be Back!


Continuing my Journey


This term I’m taking a class in Adobe Illustrator at Peninsula College….My aims are ambitious, but my skills are still catching up.

What a better example for other Grannies who are trembling on the brink of realizing our dreams!