Still Here!

Graphic Grannie remains as my alter ego as I think about how I arrived at where I am.

I am lucky in that the sheltering in place brought by the Global Pandemic is pretty much like my Real life. I’m lucky to have visual art and literature to keep me company…also with the threat of personal and/or global annihilation ever-present…and thrust into our attention daily…I tend toward Life Review and enjoying each moment as much as I can.

When I started my Covid Journal, I had no idea it would last so long.

When 2020 started, I optimistically hoped for greater vision around the world…instead, and maybe it is greater vision…we see how Globally Everything in our lives, including the air we breathe, is connected. At my best, I see this year as an opportunity to fix what has needed fixing…for the benefit of all beings and the planet. Hoping!

Graphic Grannie is on her way to NYC

Cover of the SketchBook Project Cover…everyone gets exactly the same style book to start.

Technically, to the Brooklyn Art Library Museum. I did the book in such a hurry between other projects, I didn’t have time to hold and enjoy her…There’s something about interacting with an actual book! Maybe when I have more pages, and now that I’m starting to learn how to do the work, I can put a GG book on Amazon. I’m determined to keep making books and really learn my hard-won skills.

Inside cover…I couldn’t stop decorating pages!

I hadn’t realized that my youngest brother, David, uses InDesign (my book-creating program) in his Graphic Design Business. He pointed me toward an online Peachpit video about using Articles in InDesign before he left on his men’s quilting retreat, and with lots of struggle, I was finally able to put up a MUCH BETTER electronic version of Hot Flash and Beyond and Also create a workable Print on Demand version of Doll Making as a Transformative Process on my author page on Amazon.

Don’t stand in your own way…go ahead and Do the Thing you Imagine…again and again!

Now I MUST make More Books before I forget how to do it…an e-book version of Ancestor Making, then Fabric Books…and maybe a whole book of Graphic Grannies.


Eventually everyone will be able to see my book digitized and online…Stay Tuned! I’ll let you know where and when.


Graphic Grannie is going to Brooklyn!

I did my first Sketchbook for the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project as a story of my life in words and pictures. I didn’t leave myself much time for this one since I was finishing (finally) my book Hot Flash and Beyond in order to get in onto Amazon Print on Demand.

As it turned out, I had enough Graphic Grannie Drawings to fill a whole sketchbook. Here are some of the new ones.


I work on using encouraging words to counteract some of the angry ones in the world today. The messages that Graphic Grannie brings are to me as much as to anyone else. I turned 72 this month and I’m always thinking and writing about how to use the rest of my life.

I am far from perfect in posting…but I’m OK with that, and I hope you will be, too. Ongoing: photo/drawing/collage/words.


More GG

Something of which many of us must remind ourselves regularly.

Will the woman who publishes her own books and liked Graphic Grannie and lives in New Zealand or Tasmania please get back in touch? I lost your blog address. Thank you.

This was me in January…good thing I write down titles and brief synopses, or I would not remember.

I’m going to do a whole Sketchbook Project using my Graphic Grannie cartoons, now that the Hot Flash and Beyond book is almost done…as soon as I re-remember how to do the cover and get onto Amazon/Kindle to publish.

This one just because I had the right elements in my collage pile…and the last two weeks of being snowed in reminds me to chose my provisions carefully…actually I was only unable/unwilling to drive for 8 days.

I also need to figure out how to re-name this site to make more sense. I need a wise and kind computer guru.

Graphic Grannies Rise Again

When I was taking Computer Graphic classes at Peninsula College I used my graphic alter-ego to illustrate class assignments. Now, 9/18, I’ve brought her back to demonstrate principles of successful aging…keeping in mind that aging begins at conception.

Me and my friend, Katiei, protesting…Over time I’ll get her character more simplified, but I got the outfit right

I still have a goal of learning to use some animation…beyond the dancing figure I made in class…maybe a combo drawn/photographed/collaged/written ebook…Stay Tuned!  I did do my book for the Brooklyn Art Library  with a similar mixed media technique.

Live All the Rest of Life!…do not internalize any demeaning “isms, like Ageism
Dance, Eat Well, Be Outside, Have Friends, Keep doing Interesting work, Help Others
These are the 4 keys to a successful Rest of Your Life…Start at Any Point, read This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism by Ashton Applewhite
Don’t waiting until other people say you are old to start making your life better.
Thank you to Renne Brock’s class on Digital Story Telling….this collage has doors that open in GG’s head to reveal a collage of interesting things. Drawing, Cartooning, Collage, Writing,..make up your own story.
Another head shot…We carry all the selves and stories of our lives with us always.
One of my chronic illnesses/burdens to carry is inherited depression…I may better be able to take control of the consequences when I remind myself that Depression decreases the effectiveness of the body’s immune system
Like many women of my generation, I try to solve everyone else’s problems…this is to remind me of my life-long effort to establish and maintain necessary boundaries…One can be compassionate without trying to fix Evereything
Mind maps are very useful for me when I’m feeling Overwhelmed by possibilities. I do yoga and meditate some, too.
One of my assignments from Digital Story Telling


When I did the Sketchbook Project  for the Brooklyn Art Library, I used similar techniques of combining media




The actual Sketchbook project book…if I re-find my link to the whole book, which was scanned in Brooklyn, I’ll re-post it here. I did post it on my other blog:


Graphic Grannie Returns!


Oh my Goodness! In how many different directions can I travel at one time!?!

I am busier than ever as a Retired Person…retired from my health care job (just in time) but Never from All Art, All the Time!

I’m working on a sketchbook, The Story of my Life, for the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project

I’ve never given up on the dream of cartooning/graphic novel/maybe even animation…Stay Tuned! There is always A WAY…don’t give up on YOUR Dream! New book that I won from the Jealous Curator: A Glorious Freedom: Older women leading Extraordinary Lives by LIsa Congdon.

Stay tuned…I’ll publish a compendium of the Graphic Grannies to date. I’m publishing a weekly blog at: and have retired the older blogs.

I just attended a webinar from Graphic Artists’ Guild on cartooning, lugged 3 heavy books of graphic novels up the hill from the library in my backpack, and want to turn the treasury of family photos I’ve inherited into stories. Check out my kindle and print on demand books on Amazon as well…I’ll be Back!

Continuing my Journey


This term I’m taking a class in Adobe Illustrator at Peninsula College….My aims are ambitious, but my skills are still catching up.

What a better example for other Grannies who are trembling on the brink of realizing our dreams!